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Venezuela Seeks Way to Stability after Right-wing Violence

Caracas, Apr 17 (Prensa Latina) The search for the country’s stability is now a priority for the Venezuelan government after violent actions carried out by extremist groups and fostered by the opposition’s calls to ignore the outcome of the recent presidential elections.

Even when President Nicolas Maduro said yesterday that the probably “coup d’Etat” in progress was defeated, security measures to ensure peace in this South American nation will continue today.

According to reports by Maj. Gen. Wilmer Barrientos, Chief of the Operational Strategic Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Force, police units will continue subordinated to such military body. Barrientos, also in charge of the Plan Republica for the security of the election, expressed yesterday the military forces’ will to defend the institutions and democracy in Venezuela.

He warned, therefore, that any disturbance of peace in the country will not be consented.

For now, former candidate Henrique Capriles gve up his call for a march, scheduled for today, to the headquarters of the National Electoral Council, which could have generated new incidents of violence in the capital.

Precisely, the Venezuelan

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government has blamed Capriles and his close collaborators to encourage violence of his followers by ignoring the results emanating from the polls on Sunday, April 14, which were endorsed by the Electoral Power after auditing 54 percent of the vote proof.

Destabilizing actions have occurred since Monday night in many regions of the country, among them the governments of Anzoategui, Miranda, Tachira, Merida and Barinas.

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