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Mercenaries Confess Destabilization Plans on Syrian TV

Damascus, Apr 17 (Prensa Latina) New confessions from members of armed opposition groups captured by the Syrian authorities are revealing the existence of a destabilization plan led by external actors to destroy national infrastructure and overthrow the government through terrorist actions.

Last night State television aired the second part of a special program which included confessions from captured leaders of mercenary brigades, who insisted that they had received orders from regional governments to attack urban areas and public and military facilities, as well as engage in kidnapping, torture and murder.

They explained having received money, weapons and support from the international media, besides being offered senior positions and huge salaries if they were able to overthrow the government and establish an Islamic caliphate in Syria. Similarly they argued that many young people are being coerced to join irregular gangs through the use of religion and fatwas (Islamic ordinances) to develop a Holy War or Jihad.

They make suicide bombers think they will have wealth, slaves and many women in paradise, or by contrast, they are threatened and pressure is exerted against them and their families, taking advantage of their need for work and money, the mercenaries stressed.

They also recognized that a significant percentage of so-called insurgents are followers of the ideology of the al-Qaeda terrorist network and that the entity intends to destroy the secular Syrian State at any cost in order to put an Islamic State in its place. Some witnesses confessed responsibility for terrorist attacks in various regions in exchange for large sums of money sent from abroad for each operation.

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