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Nicolás Maduro Stresses Venezuelan Democracy

Caracas, Apr 12 (Prensa Latina) Socialist candidate Nicolás Maduro says that in Venezuela there is “a mobilized democracy” and a conscious people, that have taken on the election campaign as a way to heal the grief and pain over the death of President Hugo Chavez.

From the Cuartel de la Montana, where Chavez’s remains rest, Maduro said in a television interview last night that Venezuelans are dealing with their grief and understand that the greatest tribute to the “commander” is “to keep him alive and not allow his work to be lost.”

Questioned by journalists from Venevision and Venezolana de Television, Maduro added that during the ten days of the election campaign which ends on Thursday, he has witnessed people are willing to “paving the way for the country”.

Shortly after the end of a massive mobilization in the streets of Caracas, Maduro noted that the campaign deployed by the opposition demonstrates the vitality of democracy in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, Maduro, candidate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, said that “the deep roots” of the social division and the insecurity in the South American country must be attacked: that is, phenomena such as poverty, discrimination and historical exclusion.

In his opinion, social peace and unity depend on overcoming these manifestations.

Maduro pointed to the decreased levels of poverty and unemployment, and the social gains generated during the 14 years of President Chávez’s tenure, but said a change in cultural patterns was still needed.

“We have set ourselves the goal of zero poverty and misery,” said Maduro, who said it was still essential to struggle against ideological intolerance and crime.

He confirmed that building a society of peace and real coexistence will be the focus of his work if he is elected to the presidency of the Republic on Sunday.

“I believe we will succeed,” he said.

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