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Intellectuals in Venezuela Stress Validity of Chavez’s Thought

Caracas, Mar 26 (Prensa Latina) The 10th International Meeting of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Activists in Favor of Humanity will conclude today in this capital, where the legacy of late President Hugo Chavez has been the focus of homage and extensive consideration.

According to organizers, the presentation of a document is planned for today, following the first session of the meeting where more than 200 national and foreign figures examined the revolutionary ideas of the Venezuelan head of State.

With the objective of confirming the validity of Chavez’ socialist and Bolivarian ideas, as well as his importance for the peoples of the world, the event is focused on debating the Plan de la Patria (Plan of the Homeland) 2013-2019, as part of the thought and actions of the Venezuelan head of State, who died on March 5.

That government program is based on five central points of the socialist State’s development in Venezuela: guaranteed national independence, building Bolivarian socialism of the 21st century and turning the country into an economic, political and social powerhouse in the interest of regional peace and balance.

The other two objectives of the Plan are shaping a multi-central and multi-polar world, while preserving life on earth and the human species.

Venezuelan Interim President Nicolas Maduro presided yesterday over the meeting of intellectuals from Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, the United States, Canada, Chile, France, Italy, Spain and other countries.


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