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Stronger Support for Chavez, Opposition Turns Weaker

Caracas, Mar 4 (Prensa Latina) Most of the Venezuelan population supports President Hugo Chavez, faced with actions by an opposition that lacks solid grounds in its speeches and is disconnected from reality, said today Oscar Schemel, president of Hinterlaces.

During his speech in Jose Vicente Hoy (Jose Vicente Today), a Televen television show, the president of that pollster highlighted the existence of a strong affective relation and also one that is rational and ideological between the people and the head of State, “a support based on identification with the ideals and the socially inclusive model that Chavez has proposed, he explained.

In this reference, he said the president has generated strong affective relations with the population. Those are relations on which people have also based their hope, Schemel said.

In the ideological struggle, Chavez’ followers recorded important victories and created a whole symbology that aims at reconfiguration of the country’s political culture.

In that reference, Chavez’ followers have managed to consolidate their hegemony and are in a stage for building a post-hegemony, because after creating notions, grammar and symbols, they are now turning them into a culture, a new national identity, said Schemel.

While all this is happening, the opposition continues without making politics and playing an electoral game, he said.

Besides the opposition does not have ideas, a consistent speech or identity. It just works on the electoral level, with the single

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objective of overthrowing Chavez and since they have not met that goal, it is scattered and disorganized, thus Chavez’ followers comes into this process with an important advantage, Schemel said.


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