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Chavez Congratulates his Cuban Counterpart Raul Castro

Caracas, Feb 25 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, on Monday congratulated his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro for his ratification by the State Council.

President Hugo Chavez, together with the people and government of Venezuela, sent its warmest congratulations to revolutionary leader Raul Castro, on his reelection as President of the Council of State of Cuba, said a statement from the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

In re-electing Raul Castro massively in front of the Cuban State, the National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba made a fair recognition of this brave soldier, it added.

The text highlights the path of Raul “who from the heroic fighting in the Sierra Maestra, and tested in the heat of imperial siege, has been an importat piece, together with Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, of the Cuban Revolution, which since 1959 has consolidated a model of democracy, generating genuine sovereignty and independence, as José Martí dreamed.”

President Chavez, the revolutionary government and the people of El Libertador Simon Bolivar, are firmly convinced that President Raul Castro will reap with his noble people, the greatest success in this new stage of advancement of the Cuban Revolution , the statement added.

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