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Frei Betto Speaks in Cuban Conference

Havana, Jan 29 (Prensa Latina) To forge a different world, free from the capitalist selfishness implies the construction of an ethics based in reasoning with a subjectivity rooted in the capacity to live the virtues as habits, Brazilian outstanding priest Frei Betto expressed here Tuesday.

The renowned Brazilian intellectual and theologist talked to participants in the 3rd International Conference for World Balance, to approach the necessity to articulate an ethics permitting to overcome the inequalities and conflicts of the planet.

Betto alerted on the existence of threats that attempt against the profit of a balanced world, such as the massive destruction weapons, the superiority of the interest for the capital at international level and the existence of mass media that do not try to make informed citizens, but to generate consumers.

Opposed to this, at the present moment there are conjunctures, like the existence in Latin America of governments coming from their towns, said Betto, a winner of the UNESCO International Jose Martí Award that was delivered to him Monday, during the inauguration of the Conference.

“The peoples of our continent, which suffered during the military dictatorships in the last decades of the last century, and disappointed by the neoliberal governments, now choose leaders who govern in favor of majorities, defend the sovereignty and deny foreign powers the right to dictate rules in the region,” he said.

In this convergency of promissory and ominous aspects, the theologian called

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to get conscious that the capitalist world has become impossible, so it is necessary to look for other possible worlds, in which the nuclear arsenals are eradicated and the human species is preserved.

He also exhorted to learn from the original peoples in aspects such as their relation with nature and its communitarian sense to distribute goods and wealth.

He emphasized the example of the Cuban Revolution, guided by the thought of Jose Martí, which he considered, Marti knew how to preserve his originality without invassion of concepts that had ominous consequences in other places of the world.

The Cuban Revolution, he said, “this is enough” to the expansion of imperialism, woke up the critical conscience of our peoples, fomented liberation movements and gave the evidence that the utopia can become a reality and that the hope is never in vain.

In addition, Betto talked about the tradition of independence in the continent, in which men, women and also the indigenous groups have participated, as another one of the positive elements on which the balance of the world should be settled.


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