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Symbolic Caravan of Victory Arrives in Havana

Havana, Jan 8 (Prensa Latina) The symbolic Caravan of the Victory arrives today in Havana, to complete its tour as it was done by the Rebel Army headed by Fidel Castro, the leader after the revolutionary triumph of 1959.

Youth and members of the historic rebel army crossed the nation to commemorate the historic deed that began on January 2, 1959, in Santiago de Cuba on the eastern region of this island.

Students and workers from several sectors of the province, the second largest in the country, accompanied by combatants left from the former Moncada Garrison to reissue the event.

On its way to Havana, they were relieved by inhabitants of each region until Tuesday, when they will do the triumphal entry of the Caravan to the former headquarters of Columbia turned today into Ciudad Escolar Liberetad.

The guerrillas who freed Cuba from Batistas’ dictatorship 54 years ago, celebrated the victory together with the people.

After Batista runaway on January 2, 1959, Fidel called for a general strike to consolidate the revolutionary triumph and advanced with his forces from Santiago de Cuba to the capital, where he arrived six days later.

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