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About Six Million People Learn to Read and Write with Cuban Method

Havana, Nov 22 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban literacy method “Yo, si puedo” (Yes, I Can) has reached more than six million people in 28 countries, the director of International Relations for the Ministry

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of Education (MINED), Alfredo Diaz, stated.

In remarks to Prensa Latina, the official stressed the importance of the program, which has helped to reduce and eradicate illiteracy in many regions of the world.

During a press conference, Diaz said t

hat the country is constantly working to improve the program, as well as to adapt the needs of the territories where it is used.

In this regard, the method applied is enriched with added supplements, as they deal with issues such as violence, gender, among others, he added.

The official said that “Yo, si Puedo” has been also developed to work with people with disabilities.

The method recently received the Mestres 68 award in Calatunya, Spain, granted by a group of institutions such as the University of Girona and the Rosa Sensat Teachers Association.