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Brahimi Continues Peacemaking Efforts in Syria

Damascus, Oct 23 (Prensa Latina) UN Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi continued his contacts with different Syria political and social sectors, seeking formulas aimed at a political resolution of the crisis in this Levantine nation.

After his interview on Sunday with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, nothing more was leaked about the international envoy’s subsequent steps as he tries to accomplish halting hostilities on the occasion of the Muslim feast of the Eid al Adha sacrifice.

The UN envoy continued his efforts despite discouraging forecasts from Arab League officials and the so-called opposition abroad.

The President of the Syrian Nacional Council abroad, Abdelbaset Sieda, who does not control the armed gangs inside the country, said that so far there is nothing indicating a positive evolution of the situation, while Ahmed Ben Hilli, Deputy Secretary General of the Arab League declared that positive prospects are slim. However Brahimi continued with that purpose in mind and met here with a delegation from the National Democratic Bloc.

In this regard, the General Secretary of the National Youth Party for Justice and Development, Perwin Ibrahim, after meeting with the international envoy, said that the National Democratic Bloc had presented its view on the crisis in Syria and ways to overcome it.

During the meeting we criticized the sordid behavior of the international community that listens to internal adversaries and takes the point of view of opponents abroad who do not represent the Syrian people, calling for foreign intervention, he said.

Ibrahim stressed that the international community believes that a political solution to the crisis in Syria would only amount to some kind of agreement between the great powers, forgetting the concerns of the Syrian people.

The Secretary General of the National Solidarity Democratic Party, Salim Abdul Wahab al-Kharrat, supported attempts to find a roadmap for all national opposition forces inside Syria, unifying those forces and leading them to the negotiating table.

In this sense the General Secretary of the Democratic Union Party, Shawkat Othman, shared with Brahimi the importance of holding a national conference for dialogue among all interested parties.


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