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Chavez Calls to Work Together for Venezuela’s Peace Welfare

Caracas, Oct 8 (Prensa Latina) President Hugo Chavez described historic the Sunday elections, and called today for national unity and working together for the welfare and peace of this South American nation.

From the so-called People’s Balcony at the Miraflores Palace, the president spoke to thousands of people who came there to celebrate his victory against his opposition candidate from the so-called Democratic Unity Table, Henrique Capriles.

The head of State showed appreciation to all this country’s people ‘for this memorable day’, characterized by a democratic willingness and a high participation of more than 80 percent of voters.

He also congratulated the opposition leadership, as Capriles and his campaign announced the recognition of the results, which, in his opinion, is a very important step in building peace in Venezuela.

I acknowledged the opposition leadership that did not take part of destabilizing plans that some were stroking, said the president, who called for dialogue, debate, and work together to ‘those who walk promoting social poison’.

We never before had a Venezuela like that of today from the moral, social, political, economic and cultural standpoint, said the statesman, who called for bringing out the best of everyone, putting above the interests of our country, and contributing to strengthen it .’

Chavez also congratulated the electoral power, all members and witnesses board, who worked to ensure the successful day, and the soldiers of the Republic Plan, designed to ensure safety in this elections.

We have shown that our democracy is one of the best in the world, and we will continue proving it, he said when recognizing the work of Carabobo Campaign Command, which boosted his reelection, and the team’ leader, Jorge Rodriguez.

They voted for socialism, independence, the greatness of Venezuela and future, Chavez said referring to his voters, shortly before stating that, the process of social transformation in this country has so far won in 20, of 23 states, and the capital.

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