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Chavez to Head Election Campaign Activities in Aragua, Carabobo

Caracas, Oct 3 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will head a convoy and activities in the states of Carabobo and Aragua on Wednesday, with only one day left before the election campaign comes to an end and four days before the general elections take place.

At the beginning of what he called the final offensive of the campaign, the head of State visited his home town of Sabaneta on Monday, in the state of Barinas, where thousands of supporters awaited him.

Chavez urged Venezuelans to strengthen their organization, discipline and logistics for the forthcoming elections, and to be alert concerning the destabilization plans opposition sectors may set in motion.

Almost all polls show that Chavez will win with a 15-point lead over opposition candidate of the Democratic Unity Table Henrique Capriles.

Venezuela will begin a new cycle, becoming an economic and technological power after making its way out of capitalism over the last 13 years and paving the way for its independence and sovereignty in all sectors, noted Chavez.

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