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Over 20 Death Reported in Armed Groups Attacks in Syria

Damascus, 30 Sep (Prensa Latina) At least 17 civilians died today in an attack by armed bands against the locality of Al Haidariya, municipality of al-Qseir, in the central Syrian province of Homs, 162 kilometers from this capital.

According to a military source the groups attacked that location with mortars and machine guns, in the early morning hours of Sunday. It was also reported the kidnapping of a yet undetermined number of people.

In the city of Homs, clashes occurred against armed bands in the neighborhoods of Bab Hud y Bab al-Turkman, in which several were killed or wounded rebels.

In the town of Harasta, about 25 kilometers northeast of Damascus, several armed elements were eliminated and others arrested in the district of al-Baidar, and in al-Ajami was occupied an important cache of weapons and ammunition.

Moreover, in Aleppo and in the province of al-Raqqa, were destroyed 14 transports armored with DShK machine guns, besides transportation and war logistics used by gangs in their actions.

In clashes near the Infirmary and the Institute of Sport in Bustan al-Basha, in the city of Aleppo, were killed several irregular traveling in a bus and six armored vehicles were destroyed.

Other confrontations were reported in the areas of Sheikh Suleiman between Kubtan al-Jabal and Daret Izzeh.

In al- Raqqa province (northeast), there was a clash in the town of Tal-Abiad, which ended with the death of several armed elements, while and four armored vehicles with DShK machine gun were eliminated.

Meanwhile, last minute reports account for the explosion of a car bomb driven by a suicide bomber in a neighborhood of the city of al-Qamishli, in the northeastern province of al-Hasake, over 750 kilometers from Damascus, and near the Turkish border, killing many and leaving injured. There are no official figures on the number of casualties and damage to properties caused by the action of groups that the authorities call as terrorists; in city where the majority of inhabitants are Kurds, that the bands support the Syrian government.

After noon, in Damascus began explosions, possible in the areas of Damascus Countryside area, north and northeast of the capital.

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