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Operations vs. Armed Gangs Persist in Syria

Damascus, Sep 11 (Prensa Latina) The annihilation operations against reminders of armed gangs in this capital”s suburbs continue today, while concealing their presence by government forces.

This situation was observed in Daf al-Shouk and Al-Tadamun neighborhoods, in southern Damascus, where irregular forces were confronted in a first government offensive, but returned to some areas.

A military source said yesterday that some armed groups that returned or came out of hiding were eliminated in al-Tadamun, after the passage of the first operations performed weeks ago.

A state employee told media that before Ramadan festivities, he was forced to leave the area with his family, because gunmen terrorized the population. Now, the city asked government forces to remain in the zone to prevent rebel groups from returning.

Another person said insurgents used different weapons to destroy homes and businesses. They created passages not to expose to take the streets. Meanwhile, assurance position tasks continue in areas of the capital and in Rural Damascus, east, where reminders of gands still appear in Douma, Bibila and Yelda, south, province of Daraa, 110 kilometers, and clashes against insurgent groups were reported.

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