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Chavez Calls to Unmask Neoliberal Project of the Opposition

Caracas, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged his followers to unmask the opposition project, which seeks to impose neo-liberal economic policies in this country.

During a meeting with workers from different areas in the sports center José María Vargas, located in this state, the president said that this is one of the major responsibilities to be assumed by workers and youth, among other sectors.

He referred to the document entitled First ideas of economic actions to be taken by the Government of National Unity (2013), which was recently rejected by a representative of the opposition, because it would be like coming back, a disaster, a tragedy, said Chavez.

This text, which has not been denied by either the right candidate Henrique Capriles, nor by his campaign unit, proposes, among other things, to reduce public spending and privatize services and goods assumed by the government.

Chavez referred also to the government program of the so-called Democratic Unity Table, where these sectors express the goal of reducing the number of public employees, which is part of the neo-liberal policies, he said.

“While they propose to reduce the State and privatize the republic, we intend to further strengthen the social state of law and justice”, and he also said that this country will increase public investment and social property.

He added: “we will continue to expand the network of production plants that serve the people of this South American nation”.

In that context, he called again to strengthen the arguments to convince those undecided people, with a view to the presidential elections on October 7, as the process of social change in this country is a guarantee of peace and stability.

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