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Russia Reiterates Rejection of Attacks in Tatarstan

Moscow, Aug 29 (Prensa Latina) Russia will never be divided by religions or nationalities, said President Vadimir Putin, who r

eiterated his rejection of terrorism in all its forms while visiting the Republic of Tatarstan on Tuesday.

Speaking at the town of Bolgar, as part of a working visit to the aforementioned Russian republic, Putin said that terrorists of any kind, regardless of their ideology, they always act cynically.

After decorating the Muslim top leader, Ides Faizov, who survived a bomb attack on July 19, the Russian president said that terrorists seek to sow panic and divide people.

Faizov and police officer Vladimir Yakupov, were targeted in a bomb attack on the vehicle in which they were traveling.

Faizov survived with significant injuries and Yakupov died shortly after the violent action.

Putin also said that the terrorist seeks to subordinate people and replace the actual values by a misleading propaganda of extremist and aggressive ideas.

But criminals have no future and will not succeed in any region of Russia, it is impossible to beat the united, powerful and multinational Russian people, he said.

Local media emphasize that Tatastán has always been seen here as an example of tolerance and coexistence of various religious trends in a republic where over a thousand years ago it was recognized Islam as the official religion throughout the current Russian Federation.


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