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Chile’s Social Organizations Demand Constituent Assembly

Santiago, Chile, Aug 24 (Prensa Latina) Representatives from almost 100 Chilean social organizations will surround today the Congress building in Santiago with a human chain, to demand a Constituent Assembly.

The demonstration will take place at 18:00 local time today (22:00 GMT) by major labor, environmental, union and neighborhood groups.

Also on the list are the Association of Public Employees, the Confederation of Municipal Health Workers (CONFUSAM), the College of Teachers, the Social Board for a New Chile, Patagonia without dams, and many others.

CONFUSAM president Esteban Maturana praised the need for a Constituent Assembly to channel a new truly democratic constitution.

‘We request a new constitution that, among other things, allows the expression of sovereignty, through binding plebiscite facing major issues of the country, the popular choice of all Chilean authorities and a balance of power between the Executive and Legislative’ Maturanae said.

Carolina Espinoza, general secretary CONFUSAM also stated that the political reform to the Constitution is the cornerstone to generate all transformations the country urgently needs.


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