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Cuba advanced to the grand final of the XV Gatineau Volleyball Pan American Cup 2022


The Cuban men’s team swept the Chilean team for the second time and advanced to the grand final of the XV Gatineau Volleyball Pan American Cup 2022, which takes place at the Slush Puppie Center, in Canada. In just one hour and eight minutes, the Antilleans sealed the commitment of the semifinal round against the South Americans, with partials of 25-16, 25-20 and 25-21. Thus they added their fourth success in a row and in the same way. Nicolás Vives’s students had no setbacks against a team.

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Reporters without borders do have owners

Periodistas arrestados

Damián Trujillo, cameraman for the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina in Chile, was arrested April 26 by carabineers, in the country’s capital, as he was practicing his profession: covering a peaceful protest in La Dignidad Square. In images of the arbitrary arrest, anyone can see how the police dragged him into a van, despite the protests of colleagues. A fallacious report by this organization recently ranked Cuba no.171 in terms of the existence.

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UN agency announces lowest growth rate for Latin American and Caribbean economies in 70 years

cartel cuba eeuu

The region has experienced a generalized, synchronized economic slowdown in most countries and sectors, completing six consecutive years of limited growth, ECLAC reported on Thursday, in its latest annual report released by its headquarters in Santiago de Chile.

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Not one woman or man more, not one less

chile muertos

On October 20, Cuban Culture Day, while we celebrated with songs and poems, a young street artist, 36 years of age, appeared hanging on the iron fence bars in a plaza, on the south side of Santiago de Chile. She had last been seen hours before, arrested by the police. According to dozens of news outlets of all stripes, blogs, Facebook pages, twitter accounts, and other media. She been abused, tortured, her wrists broken, and killed.

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The death of a President who lives on


“A great black cloud rises from the flaming palace. President Allende dies at his post. The military kills thousands throughout Chile. (…) Señora Pinochet declares that the tears of mothers will redeem the country. Power, all power, is assumed by a military junta of four members, formed in the School of the Americas in Panama. Heading it is General Augusto Pinochet.”

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Evo expects a fair ruling in maritime lawsuit against Chile

Bolivia Mar

President of Bolivia Evo Morales expressed his confidence on Monday, March 19, that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague would effect a “fair and accurate ruling” on the country’s demand that Chile restore its access to the sea.

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Ecuador, Chile Committed to Broaden Economic Links


Ecuador and Chile are looking forward to advancing in their commercial and economic relations, alongside social projects and regional integration, said here Monday the Ecuadorian Foreign Affairs Ministry. The commitment by both countries was announced as part of a summary of Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno’s visit to Chile to attend the inauguration ceremony of Chilean president-elect Sebastian Piñera

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Cuba, a beacon of social justice

chileno activista

WE Chileans have stood in solidarity with the Cuban Revolution since its triumph, on January 1, 1959, stated Leandro Lanfranco Leverton, director of the national commission responsible for organizing Cuba solidarity brigades from his country.

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We are a family

medico cubano

Carlos Ricardo Pérez Díaz, director of the Cuban medical brigade – part of the Henry Reeve Contingent specializing in natural disasters and large-scale epidemics – currently working in Atacama, Chile, agreed to respond to some questions from Granma International. Working as a resident in Havana and Internal Medicine specialist for over 15 years, Pérez Díaz noted that the brigade is coping well.

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Bolivian President Highlights Legal Mission Work in The Hague


President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, highlighted today the work of the Bolivian legal mission in defense of the maritime lawsuit in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague. “Our lawyers were clear and strong. I am proud of our delegation for the excellent presentation and defense they did, both national and international lawyers who represented us, “Morales told reporters.