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Putin, Obama Still at Odds over Syria

Moscow, Jul 19 (Prensa Latina) Russian President Vladimir Putin showed in a telephone conversation that he still has disagreements with his US counterpart Barack Obama over the situation in Syria, said presidential assistant Yuri Ushakov today. During the conversation, which lasted nearly 50 minutes, the two heads of State managed to reach a better understanding of one another’s stance in relation to the Syrian crisis, but they still remain at odds about the practical ways to reach a solution, said Ushakov.

According to the presidential assistant, Putin and Obama agreed that a constructive solution to the situation is needed.

The entire conversation was about the intensification of the crisis in Syria, which is approaching civil war, with terrorist attacks, said Ushakov. “Our decision was clear when we reiterated that we condemn any type of terrorist action, no matters where it comes from, and we hope that the US will join this position,” he said.

In their talks, Putin and Obama summarily referred to Syrian President Bashad Al Assad, whom Washington demands step down, while Moscow believes that only the Syrian people can decide the political destinity of their country.

However, the conversation focused on the two resolutions regarding Syria, presented at the UN Security Council, one by Russia and China, and the other by the United States, United Kingdom, and France. The vote on those documents was postponed until today.

The resolution from Moscow and Beijing is aimed at extending the UN observers mission for another three months, while the Western powers want to impose more sanctions on Damascus and a possible implementation of the 7th article of the UN Chapter on the use of force.

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