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Cuba Exhorts at UN to Eradicate Illegal Arms Trafficking

United Nations, Jul 6 (Prensa Latina) Cuba exhorted at the United Nations to reach an international accord to prevent, fight and eradicate illegal arms trafficking, in which many people and States currently suffer from its negative consequences.

Addressing the UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, Cuban ambassador to that body Rodolfo Benitez Verson stated that his country will not support any treaty that affects the legitimate interests of the island’s defense and national security.

We will not support either an instrument that is not fully consistent with the consecrated UN Charter principles, including noninterference in internal affairs, respect to sovereign equality, political independence, and territorial integrity, the diplomat said.

Benitez Verson stated as an indispensable condition that the future instrument does not affect or limit, in some way, the right to the legitimate defense consecrated at the UN Charter’s article 51.

We will not share the stance of those who identify the success of this Conference with the adoption on July 27, at any price, of an Arms Trade Treaty, whatever it may be, the Cuban delegate said during his speech at the UN plenary session.

“Cuba does not support any criterion that could be applied discriminatory and selectively or could be easily manipulated to establish conditions and exercise pressures,” the Havana delegates noted.

The United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty renewed session on July 4, after solving differences about the status of Palestine and the Vatican representatives in the event.

The opening ceremony took place after participants decided that the Palestinians and the Vatican maintained as observers in the meeting, which will conclude on July 27 and expects the approval of a Treaty on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated that the common objective of participants is to achieve a robust, binding ATT with a real impact in the life of million human beings that currently suffer from armed conflicts, repression, and violence.

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