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Che Guevara International Solidarity Brigade Arrives in Cuba

HOLGUIN, Cuba, Apr 30 (acn) The 20th contingent of the Che Guevara International Solidarity Brigade arrived in the eastern Cuban province of Holguin on Sunday to participate in the local May Day celebrations to mark International Workers’ Day.

The group is made up of 45 friends of Cuba who will visit places of historic interest and will participate in voluntary work activities. They will also accompany the local people in the traditional May Day

parade in Holguin.

Their program includes meetings with members of the Cuban Women’s Federation (FMC), the Cuban Workers’ Confederation (CTC), and with pre-university students.

The brigade members will participate in the International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba, scheduled for May 2, and in the Romerias de Mayo, a popular art festival held every year in Holguin.

During their 15-day stay in Cuba, the visitors will also learn details of the case of the five Cuban antiterrorists unjustly held in the United States since 1998. On May 9, they will travel to Santiago de Cuba to visit historic places such as the former Moncada Garrison, the Jose Marti mausoleum, and the Vilma Espin memorial, among others.

On May 17 they will head to Camaguey, from where they will leave the Caribbean nation

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