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International Support for the Cuban Social Project Growing

Havana, Apr 28 (Prensa Latina) Over one thousand representatives of 162 trade unions, social movements and of solidarity with Cuba, from 62 countries will participate in the parade on May 1 in support of the social project started on the island in 1959.
Of these, 453 are union leaders from about 50 nations and, so far, the most represented are Mexico, USA and Costa Rica, who will share with the people of the Caribbean island the festivities on behalf of 27 solidarity organizations. 

One of these groups, with 260 members, is the May Day brigade that is lodged in the International Camp Julio Antonio Mella, in the town of Caimito, Province of Artemisa.

This week, besides the preparations with a view to the celebration of International Workers Day, it was learned that the buying and selling of homes and cars licensed last year in Cuba in the context of updating the economic model, experienced an increase in the first quarter of 2012.

After the implementation of Decree 292, which allows transmission by purchase or sale and donation of vehicles and the decree Act 288, which amended some articles of the General Housing Act, all runs satisfactory, told Prensa Latina the director of Notary and Registry Office, Olga Lidia Perez.

From November to December 2011 were made about 123 thousand purchase home sales, nearly four thousand 38 donations and about 934 home swaps.

From January to March 2012 about two thousand 738 purchase-sale of home were approved, about 10 000 663 donations and approximately 585 thousand home swaps.

In the case of vehicles, from 1 October, which came into force the Decree 292, to December 2011 were made about 9, 156 transfer operations and about 3,779 donations, while between January and March the first rose to 8,392, and the latter increased to 6,783.

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