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Chavez Returns to Venezuela from Havana

Caracas, Mar 29 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived here on Thursday from Havana, where he traveled on March 24 to receive radiotherapy treatment.

The statesman arrived at the Simon Bolivar International Airport of Maiquetia, in Vargas state, at midnight, he explained later at the Miraflores Palace during a video conference with Mario Silva, presenter of the TV program La Hojilla, which started at 01:00 hours, local time, on Friday.

Chavez said he received the fifth consecutive radiotherapy session and now he will rest for two days before returning to Havana next Saturday to continue a similar treatment.

During the conversation, broadcast live by the state-owned TV channel Venezolana de Television, Chavez pointed out that he is recovering well, and the treatment comprises five radiotherapy cycles similar to the one he completed recently.

Chavez thanked the Venezuelan people for the maturity shown in all fronts, as well as the executive vice president and all ministers for their work.

The president denied that there is power vacuum in the country, because he has kept informed about all government’s affairs and has been in permanent contact with his cabinet. He has only slowed down, but remains focused on strategic issues.

Referring to the October 7 elections, Chavez said, “We are doing what we should do, although we should not become careless.”

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