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Granma newspaper denounces provocations by counterrevolutionary groups

Havana, March 21, (RHC), — The newspaper Granma has denounced recent provocations by counterrevolutionary groups, funded by right-wing Cuban expatriates, who seek to tarnish the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Caribbean island.

Havana Church occupied last week by counterrevolutionary elementsIn a Wednesday article titled “Another chapter of disrespect and falsehoods,” Granma says that due to the its failure in preventing the visit of His Holiness to Cuba, the Miami-based Cuban extreme-right has planned an agenda of provocative actions aimed at pressuring the Vatican to speak against the Cuban revolutionary project.

Rightist Miami elements have sent to counterrevolutionary groups in Cuba money and emails with precise instructions to create public disorders in catholic masses and ceremonies during the Pope’s visit, with the aim of drawing international media attention, reveals the article.

After ensuring that the Cuban people and their religious community will be well occupied in welcoming the Holy Father, with deserved affection and respect, the newspaper says it is confident that the head of the Catholic Church will keep the memory of this visit in a special place of his heart.

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