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Kofi Annan again at UN, but for Syria

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan will arrive on Wednesday at the United Nations, the organization he led for ten years, but this time as a UN and Arab League (AL) special envoy on the crisis in Syria.

According to an official announcement, Annan will talk here on the conflict with the current UN Secretary General and his successor since 2006, Ban Ki-moon, as well as the members of the Security Council.

The new emissary will listen to the opinions the UN members have to solve the conflict in Syria, the source stated.

In early February, the Security Council staged

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a failed attempt by Western powers and a group of Arab states that pretended to reach the consent from that body to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The maneuver was impeded due to a double veto by Russia and China, as permanent members of that UN body.

Two weeks later, the General Assembly approved a resolution that held the Syrian government responsible for the crisis and supported an AL plan on the problem.

After those actions, Ban Ki-moon and the AL general secretary appointed Annan in London on February 23 as a special envoy from both organizations on the Syrian crisis.


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