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From  the heart of Havana in Pabellón Cuba, surrounded by very young  people and the fantastic music of Cuban Singer Raúl Torres, I sat down and let my feelings of love flow freely. Love is a wonderful feeling that moves the world, no matter what your ideas  are in science, arts, life and culture, politics or anything else. Everyone shares their love, so today is a day for all here in this little but deep and emotive space in Cuba, in the world.

I can bearly hear what they talk about and it’s very difficult to listen consciously  to the music, but this emotions just take me to reflect once again on love. We are just  few days apart from February 14th,  known as the day of love and friendship all over the world. Letters are being sent to all the computers around the area, photos and short messages of love are surfing  the web through out  Facebook, this new space magically created for conecting people,  misterious for me and my generation, but managed with great expertise by young people.

Love is for everyone, for all and no one should be deprived of feeling it, giving it, sharing it, enyoing it. I listen to “Corazones Rotos” and I love it. It touches my feelings  deeply, even when I am almost 50 years old. Raúl Torres’s voice reminds me of my love story of more that 32 years with my husband, our great children, all the moments we have shared. I cannot imagine how our lives  would have been whithout our love,  without our lives together. It brings to my mind our first years in college, our burned hearts, our hands and bodies mixed any time it was possible, our plans for the future that fortunately could be fulfilled.

We have millions of pictures, particularly in the last years, in the digital era; lots of letters, postcards, stories, tears and smiles, happiness and sadness,  dreams, misunderstandings, but above all, we have our wonderful kids, this two pieces of human beings that we created and that give us happiness and satisfaction evey momento of our lives, even in bad times. I remember that – fortunately-  we have had the opportunity to share all those things.

In this moment, I cannot avoid thinking about people with similar stories, who haven’t had the chance of being together and share their lifes and feelings;  people separated not by feelings but for circumstances. Yesterday I read Adriana’s letter to Gerardo, two still young people that have been brutally taken apart at the beginning of their story, a story which was frozen in time and space,  which was reduced to plans and memories that hurt in their hearts and souls every second of their life.

I think about the sweet face, the intelligent and brave eyes of Adriana, the always optimistic smile and mood of Gerardo, and I conclude that they will definitely get their plans done. Life cannot be so cruel and humanity cannot permit that their dreams scrumble whithout hope. This baby that is still a failed dream, will be born. We all people that stand for love in the world have to stay there for him or her, for  them.

Today my message, that is not short enough for Facebook or Twitter, goes to them, to Adriana and Gerardo, to René and Olguita, also separated in spite of this false “liberty”given to him; to Ramón and Elizabeth; to Fernando and Rosa Aurora; to all their families, marked forever with this unjust and neverending separation. To the mothers, these strong and coraugeous women, which have resisted more than 13 years of broken motherhood.


If “love is more useful tan hate”, as José Martí proclamed so many years ago, let’s share a clean and magnificent globe of love  that pushes hate out of the world, bringing together all the people in love.

Let feel so much love that we can bring Adriana and Gerardo together and able to fulfil their dreams.

This is my message for today. The message of love for my loved ones is here too, but It can wait until tomorrow, or the day after, to share it with them. They are here with me, all the time.

Today I stand for them, for all those who are not together and miss love

For Adriana, Gerardo and their still unborn child.




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    It is a moving articule that makes people to think. Yes for Adriana and Gerardo love is forbiden and I think that, in fact, their baby is not only an unborn child but also a PROHIBITED BABY
    lets stand really for them, for LOVE


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