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Brazilian Ministeria Meeting Focuses on Economic Situation, Rio+20

The economic situation and the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio +20, in June, were highlighted at the first meeting of Brazilian ministers this year.


Convened by President Dilma Rousseff, the ministers on Monday night listened to the speech of Finance Minister Guido Mantega, who predicted an increase of 4-5 percent in the Gross Domestic Product in 2012.

“If the international economy behaves adequately, there are no big surprises, or even recovers, we can try to achieve 5 per cent. If the international economy worsens, it must always be on the horizon, because the situation has not yet been solved – then we can have 4 (percent),” he said.

Speaking to reporters after the ministerial meeting, Mantega said that 4 percent of GDP growth is the least we could get this year and 5 percent is the highest, with 4.5 percent on average.

Mantega also anticipated that in 2012, the federal government will keep control over costs, but at the same time it will increase investments from the Growth Acceleration Program (infrastructure works) and the social plans to ensure sustained economic growth.

For his part, Minister of Environment Izabella Teixeira affirmed that

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Rio +20 will be a stage for Brazil to show the world its experience on sustainable growth. She added that between June 13 and 22, all spotlights in the world will be focused on this country.


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