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Cuban Filmmaker Ian Padron Receives Glauber Rocha Award

Cuban filmmaker Ian Padron said it was an honor to receive the Glauber Rocha 2011 award, which carries the name, he said, of one of the filmmakers he admires the most.

Rocha was one of the most important Latin American filmmakers, and the father of the new Latin American cinema. ¿The award also has a special meaning for me. I was born the same day of the creator of Entranced Earth and God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun,¿ said Padron.

The Cuban filmmaker received the award on Saturday, which is sponsored by Prensa Latina and granted by the foreign press accredited at the Havana festival, which distinguished his film Habanastation by consensus.

Speaking about the festival jury´s decision, famous movie critic and French writer living in Spain, Sergio Berrocal, highlighted how the filmmaker used autobiographical elements to make a story that goes beyond the peculiar, and could happen anywhere in the world.

Berrocal also highlighted the universal values in the film, such as generosity and solidarity, and the capacity to achieve a direct and deep link with the audience.

(Prensa Latina)

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