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Argentinian General Elections Make History

More than 28 million Argentines on Sunday are called to vote in the general elections, to establish a historic difference between the possible winner, President Cristina Fernandez, and the candidate running for the second place.

Artemio Lopez, director of the firm Equis, and Mariel Fornoni, of Management & Fit, agreed in this regard during a meeting with foreigin correspondent in this capital on Thursday.

According to both experts, Fernandez could reach today a five-percent increase or more compared to the August 14 primary elections, when she won over 10.7 million votes (50.2 percent).

Her closest rival, Broad Progressive Coalition (FAP) candidate Hermes Binner, would reach about 15 percent, a margin ever seen in the Argentinian electoral history.

Candidates Ricardo Alfonsin, of the Union Alliance for Social Development (12.20 percent), and Eduardo Duhalde, of the Popular Front Alliance (12.12 percent), followed Fernandez in the August primary elections.

Also on the running list are candidates Hermes Binner, of the Progressive Broad Front (10.18 percent), Alberto Rodriguez Saa, of Federal Commitment Alliance (8.17 percent), Elisa Carrio, of the Civic Coalition (3.22 percent), and Jorge Altamira, of the Left and Workers’ Front (2.46 percent).

To win the primary elections, any candidate requires over 45 percent of votes, or more than 40 percent if the advantage over the next rival is over 10 percent.

If either of these circumstances does not occur, the two most voted candidates will go to a runoff, scheduled for November 20.

(Prensa Latina)

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