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Chilean University Students Arrested at Education Ministry

The Chilean police arrested about 20 Chilean university students by force Thursday, when they were peacefully trying to occupy the Education Ministry.According to Bio Bio radio station, officials from that ministry were upset because of the excessive use of violence against the students, who were seated at the building’s main entrance.

The objective of the protest action was to denounce the government´s intransigence towards the reiterated demands by students and the people in favor of free, public education, said Cesar Urbina, vice president of the Metropolitan University of Technology.

“The government is dishonest. They are rating us as intransigent, and they are the ones who are turning a deaf ear,” the student leader said.

The students’ arrest takes place amid the government’s toughening stance towards the Social Movement for Education, which it holds responsible for triggering violent acts, damage, and plundering in the country.

(Prensa Latina)

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