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Leonardo Padura receives the Award for Literary Criticism 2011 in Cuba

Cuban writer Leonardo Padura won one of the Literary Critics Awards 2011 in Cuba with his novel “The man who loved dogs,” which recounts the exile and murder of Trotsky.

The media reported today that the book had won the annual award Padura together with six other works in the genres of novels, short stories, essays and drama.

The Literary Critics’ Prize is awarded to the island’s most important titles by living authors published by national publishers and is convened by the Cuban Book Institute.

“The man who loved dogs,” was published in Spain in 2009 by Tusquets and the Cuban edition came out last February by “Ediciones Union”, the publisher of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba.

During a presentation at the International Book Fair of Havana in February, Padura said that the launch of his novel on the island broke “myths”, after some people felt that it would not be published in Cuba because of its theme.

(With information from EFE)

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