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A Bright Opportunity for Unity, Says Danny Glover

Fhoto: Prensa LatinaUS actor Danny Glover said in this capital that this is an ideal context to join our peoples and think again what to do to save mankind.

He wondered how to preserve ourselves and the planet and said this is the greatest test we must pass.

Invited to the First Meeting of Moviemakers from Africa, the Caribbean and their Diasporas in Havana, Glover, 65, urged this Wednesday participants to work from culture to promote a new vision of mankind that allow us to imagine again the ideas of what we really are.

He said that the great revolutions that changed the world over 200 years ago questioned the right to exist, and in this era of technology, when we go from agricultural societies to the big industry, we already are an almost dispensable species.

Resources become exhausted and mother Earth suffers, he said.

In his opinion, in this process of evolution and historical transition, the cultural expressions and diversity bring magnificent opportunities for our transformation.

“It is time to find a way so that these UNESCO-promoted ideas about cultural diversity unite us and allow us to elevate our thinking; we must support political projects needed to make the process of salvation, our salvation, advance,” he said.

Regarding Africa, Glover said that it must find new productive relations t o promote the spread of its cultural expressions.

He urged all Caribbean, African and Afrodescendant artists in Europe and the United States to unite. “Wherever we are, we are one; we are that what had been waiting for so long,” he concluded.

(Prensa Latina)

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