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Obama Never Answered Interview of Cuban Blogger

shows that US President Barack Obama never really answered a questionnaire by Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez in 2009, Cuba’s TV News Program broadcast on Monday.

The questionnaire was answered by officials at the U.S. Interests Sections in Havana, and then sent to the White House on August 28, 2009 and it took about 4 months to return, according to the source.

The message was returned with a high degree of coincidence with the original version, including almost exactly the same introduction in which Obama congratulates Sanchez for the Maria Moors Cabo prize of the University of Columbia.

The changes, as in the rest of the interview, were minimal, said the TV news program when referring to the cable of the SINA chief, Jonathan Farrar.

Farrar’s document also included the questions that Sanchez would send to the Cuban president, Raul Castro, and that she herself acknowledged she never sent.

What was a questionnaire for the Cuban President Raul Castro doing in a cable of the US diplomatic representation in Havana, questioned the TV news program.

(Prensa Latina)

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