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President Raul Castro Leads Defense Minister’s Funeral

Cuban President Raul Castro on Monday led a tribute to late Army General Julio Casas Regueiro, Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), who died on Saturday.

During the funeral, held on the first floor of the Sierra Maestra building, headquarters of the Defense Ministry, it was announced that the Council of State had conferred on Casas Regueiro the postmortem title of Hero of Labor of the Republic of Cuba.

The honor was granted for the late general’s record of exceptional service to the Revolution and its defense, and to the national economy, with exemplary discipline, rationality and proved efficiency in the fulfillment of relevant political, state, government and military duties and missions.

Cuban Communist Party leaders and members of the councils of State and Ministers participated in the event.

One of the many wreaths sent in tribute to Casas Regueiro was from the leader of the Cuba Revolution, Fidel Castro.

The Council of State decreed national mourning until Wednesday, September 7.

Casas Regueiro died of a heart attack on Saturday, September 3, in Havana. Born on February 16, 1936, in Mayari Arriba, eastern Cuba, he was also a member of the Cuban Communist Party Political Bureau and vice president of the Council of State.

At the time of his death he had been decorated as Hero of the Republic of Cuba and with the Order of Playa de Giron.

(By Prensa Latina)

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