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Cuba will Not Recognize National Transition Council in Libya

The Republic of Cuba will not recognize the National Transition Council or any provisional authority in Libya; it will only recognize a government set up in that country in a legitimate way and by the free, sovereign and unique will of the Libyan people, reads a declaration released on Saturday by the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

In the document, the Cuban ministry announced the withdrawal from Libya of all its diplomatic personnel, following the worsening of the conflict by foreign intervention and NATO´s military aggression, which have hindered a negotiated and peaceful solution by the Libyan people in full exercise of their self-determination.


Under the coarse pretext of protecting civilians, NATO has murdered thousands of them and has turned a deaf ear on constructive initiatives by the African Union and other countries; NATO has even violated the questionable resolutions imposed by the UN Security Council by attacking civilian targets, financing and arming one of the belligerent parties, and by deploying operative and diplomatic personnel in the field, the declaration points out, and notes that nothing can justify the murder of innocent people.

In the document, the Cuban Foreign Ministry demands the immediate ceasefire by NATO and reiterates the urgent need to allow the Libyan people to find a peaceful and negotiated solution, without any foreign interference and in tune with their inalienable right to independence and self determination, and their sovereignty over their natural resources and territorial integrity of their nation.

Cuba also denounces that NATO´s behavior is aimed at creating similar conditions for an intervention in Syria, and demands the end of foreign interference in that country. Cuba calls on the international community to prevent a new war and urges the United Nations to meet its duties in safeguarding peace, as it also supports the right of the Syrian people to full independence and self-determination, concludes the declaration of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

(Radio Havana Cuba)

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