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Raul Castro Presided Over May Day Parade in Santiago de Cuba

Cuban President Raul Castro attended the May Day parade in Santiago de Cuba

Cuban President Raul Castro attended the May Day parade in eastern Santiago de Cuba city, according to a live report of the Cuban television.

Raul was accompanied by Santiago de Cuba’s Communist Party First Secretary Lazaro Exposito, and other leaders of grassroots organizations.

In the Mariana Grajales square’s grandstand there were several Labor Heroes, union leaders and founders of the Cuban Workers Confederation (CTC) along with members of foreign delegations.

The square was adorned with Cuban and July 26th movement flags and posters with slogans as “Unity, productivity and Efficiency” which marks this year´s celebration.

CTC general secretary in Santiago de Cuba María de los Ángeles Cordero Tamayo delivered the speech that opened the parade.

Cuba’s First VP Presides over May Day parade in Havana

Cuba’s First Vice-President Jose Ramón Machado Ventura presided over the International Workers Day’s parade in Havana city.

Members of solidarity-with-Cuba groups, foreign union and social movements’ leaders participated in the celebration that gathered hundreds of thousands of Cubans. In the Havana’s Revolution Square’s grandstand there were representatives of the Cuban government, the Communist Party and social organizations.

The Vice-President of the Russian Duma Ivan Melnikov attended the parade as a guest.

General Secretary of the Cuban Workers Confederation Salvador Valdes Mesa delivered the speech that marked the beginning of the parade.

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