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Cubadebate opens its Web page in French language

With versions of Fidel Castro’s Reflections, and news articles about various national and international themes, Cubadebate opens today its Web page in French language that you can find at:

This Web page joins to the English version, as part of a series of blogs written in at least 8 languages that we have begun to publish as the first step for the redesign of our Website, present on the Internet since august 5th, 2003.

It is not a mimetic mirror of the Web site in Spanish. The French version of Cubadebate reproduces some of our top popular articles and the services for the Web 2.0, with its own channel on Twitter. Also it will keep opened its pages for the visitor’s opinions.

Also, find us by languages at:


Also the Twitter

And the Facebook


Also the Twitter

And the Facebook

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  1. OrgulloCubano / GenialIdea

    Je suis tres content de savoir que cette page a deja loption de se mettre en francais, merci et bon chance!!!


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