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Billions for company that hired Alan Gross

By: Tracey Eaton, Cubamoneyproject

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The Maryland company that hired American development worker Alan Gross won more than $2.7 billion in USAID contracts from 2000 to the third quarter of 2009, statistics show.

Development Alternatives Inc., or DAI, sent Gross to Cuba as part of a USAID-financed democracy program. Cuban authorities accused Gross of setting up an illegal satellite communications network and sentenced him on Friday to a 15-year prison term.

DAI, based in Bethesda, raked in $2,720,391,038 in U.S. Agency for International Development contracts from 2000 to 2009, according to FedSpending, which tracks government spending.

The nine companies that followed were:

  • BEARINGPOINT, INC - $994,453,511
  • BERGER LOUIS GROUP INC - $680,280,412
  • JOHN SNOW INC (JSI) – $424,500,839
  • MACRO INTERNATIONAL INC – $396,961,113
  • TETRA TECH, INC. – $340,521,186
  • L-3 COMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS – $278,752,145


Top 10 USAID contractors from 2000 to 2009. Source:

Top 10 USAID contractors from 2000 to 2009. Source: says American aid to Cuba focuses on “providing humanitarian assistance to prisoners of conscience and their families, strengthening civil society, supporting issue-based civic action movements and coalitions, and promoting fundamental freedoms, especially the freedom of expression and freedom of the press.”

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  1. Jorge LGuerrero

    The United State,spend million dollars to financial subvention against CUBA,but yuor domestic economy,have BIG,BIG dificult,,cut to social program,unemployed,million people lose yuor home,Obama are yuo mad man,are yuo bad man,dictator,go to hell mister hen.

  2. Greg Klave / Mr.

    While USAID’s purposes are to enforce Law & Human Rights the outcome is that it breaks International laws and treaties, as well as jeopardize the human rights of Cubans to get education, housing, food, medicines and health care. The basic human rights of international community. The lies that USAID is spending millions on to broadcast to the world and the US public are of no concern to the Cuban people as their battles are to improve their country not tear it down. Now they also have to battle the division of civil society that USAID monies are implemented for. This goes on in many parts fo the world and is the work of the capitalist class to control world markets and resources. They have no soul and therefore their work is criminal and violent.


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