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NATO’S Inevitable War (Part Two)

NATO’S Inevitable War (Part Two)

We see clearly that the basic concern of the United States and NATO is not Libya, but the revolutionary wave being unleashed in the Arab world, something they would like to prevent at any cost. It is an irrefutable fact that relations between the US and its NATO allies with Libya in recent years were excellent, before the rebellions loomed up in Egypt and Tunisia.

Under the Sign of Terror

Cuba's Reasons

Luis Posada Carriles is still at large in the United States where he’s only being accused of migratory transgressions. However, the detention last July 1st of one of his paid terrorists, Salvadoran Francisco Chávez Abarca, El Panzón, must be a source of concern to him because of what this man knows and what he has done. Wanted by INTERPOL, Chávez Abarca was trying to get into Venezuela. What for? asked President Hugo Chávez when he made his denunciation before the TV cameras in Venezuela.

Continuation of Terrorist Plans from the US

Cuba's Reasons

As news were published that Luis Posada Carriles and various extremist organizations based in the US intend to carry on their plans of violent and paramilitary actions against Cuba, international terrorist Francisco Antonio Chávez Abarca was arrested in Venezuela last July 1st. He is one of the main links of the Central American connection employed in violent actions against Cuba by the notorious criminal, the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) and some of its former members that currently make up the Council for the Liberation of Cuba (CLC).

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Remarks during the public segment of the Seventh Extraordinary ALBA Summit

Raúl Castro

Remember, you have to give me the floor so that I can thank everyone, especially those who have spoken, –and that includes Daniel, because he will speak likewise, as he has done throughout his life as a revolutionary– on behalf of the people of Cuba, for all the expressions of solidarity and support for our Revolution, for our people, and I think also for the Leader of the Revolution, comrade Fidel Castro, who is listening to us directly.