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Video Supporting Cuban 5 Released in USA


The International Committee to Free the Five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unjustly held in the United States screened a new video on social networking sites in solidarity with them. This is the eighth video of this kind produced by the International Committee placed at the YouTube website, with the objective of reaching varied audiences, said the

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It is in the sea Penny Palfrey: Follow the path in Cubadebate

penny palfreyp

The Univers News – The British-Australian Penny Palfrey today began looking for another record in the marathon water: swimming across the Strait unprotected and Florida. Cubadebate Penny will follow the path through the site of the swimmer in Spot Live Map , a site that tracks GPS pre-defined locations in real time. In a message released at noon through a facebook account , the team said he had swum athlete and “7.5 nautical miles in 4 hours. Cuba disappears from the horizon. It looks good. Excellent condition. ”

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Cuban Five Case Winning Support in USA

Mensaje de los Cinco a Giustino DiCelmo

Academics from several countries joined today US colleagues to demand the release of the Five Cuban anti-terrorists jailed in their country and the end of the blockade on Cuba at the 30th Congress of the Association of Latin American Studies (LASA).

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Nefarious details in the Cuban Five case

Gerardo Hernández

I sit on a gray plastic chair, facing a tiny, gray, plastic table and another empty, gray, plastic chair, waiting for Gerardo Hernandez in the visiting room of the maximum-security federal pen in Victorville, California.

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Why the Cuban Five are Heroes of Today

Cinco días por los Cinco en la Casa p1.

It was during the 7th colloquium in Holguin, Cuba for the liberation of the 5 Cuban patriots unjustly imprisoned in the US for their counter terrorist activities that friend – a well-known comrade, veteran campaigner and documentary film-maker- explored concepts of what heroism in the 21st century might mean.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Center Celebrates 25 years Dedicated to Humanist Efforts

Martin Luther King

The Martin Luther King Jr. Center (CMLK) in Havana celebrated its 25th anniversary, April 25, and was acknowledged in a letter from Esteban Lazo Hernández, Vice President of the Council of State and a member of the Party’s Political Bureau.

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Letter for May Day from Antonio Guerrero

Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez

Dear Friends: A couple of days ago a person who is known here came and brought me anarticle published in a newspaper of his town that talked about Cuba and specifically about the explorations by petroleum platforms on the coast of our island.

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Washington Post Ad Demanding Freedom for the Cuban Five Published Today!

Cuban Five

All across Washington D.C. and the surrounding region, readers of the Washington Post will open the Monday, Apr. 30 edition of the Post to see a dramatic full-page ad demanding freedom for the Cuban Five, political prisoners unjustly held in United States for almost 14 years.

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Art Exhibition in Support of Cuban Five Opens at London Gallery

Beyond the Frame 018

  London, April 23: Beyond the Frame, an exhibition featuring contemporary Cuban art plus artworks by British and Irish artists with paintings and drawing by two of the Cuban Five, opened Monday April 23rd in the Gallery 27, Cork Street, London. The launch of the exhibition was attended by several Cuban artists and the mother

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Washington DC Event for Cuban Five Breaks Media Wall of Silence

Cinco días por los Cinco en la Casa p1.

Brick by brick the mainstream media wall of silence surrounding the case of the Cuban Five is coming down. Alicia Jrapko, coordinator of the International Committee for the Release of the Cuban Five told Cubadebate: “We have managed to break through the mainstream media a little bit. Univisión had a impartial coverage for the first time”