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Tropical Storm Ian will intensify this Sunday

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Tropical storm Ian during this morning has gained in organization, although it remains with little change in its intensity. It continues with maximum sustained winds of 85 kilometers per hour, with higher gusts, and a central pressure of 1002 hectoPascal. Its movement has turned towards the west-northwest, slowing down to 19 kilometers per hour. At six in the morning, its central region was estimated at 15.0 degrees North latitude and 78.9 degrees West longitude.

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“Get to work on recovery as quickly as possible”


Tropical storm Laura made landfall, Sunday, August 23, east of Baconao, in Santiago de Cuba, and after returning to the sea, did so a second time near Capitana Point, in Artemisa, crossing this western province and Pinar de Rio in less than two hours, to enter the Gulf of Mexico at Puerto Esperanza, in the municipality of Viñales