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World and Pan American Health Organizations congratulate Cuba

fumigacion cuba

During the 14th International Dengue Course, which concluded on Friday at the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) in Havana and saw the participation of professionals from 35 countries, the expert told AIN that the Cuban institution is one of the great bastions in which the PAHO / WHO find support to control the disease in the Americas.

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4th Meeting on Cuban Theaters to be held soon in Matanzas

teatro Matanzas

The 4th Scientific Meeting on the 19th-century Cuban Theaters, will be held from September 7 to 9, at Sauto theater, located in Western Matanzas.
This event, which joins every two years researchers and directors from cultural institutions in this Coliseum, National Monument, will foster this time the dialogue about preservation works, programming and contemporary audience studies.

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Olga Tañón to Offer Two Free Concerts in Cuba

OLga Tañón

Puerto Rican singer Olga Tañon announced recently through social networks that she will perform two free concerts in Cuba in December, to fulfill her dream of returning to sing on that Caribbean island. As she expressed in her official account on Facebook and Twitter, Olga will return to sing to the people of Cuba, after filming last month in Havana a live promo video for the single Amo La Vida.

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Benny Moré will be remembered on his 96th birth anniversary

el benny

Specialists at the Benny More Art Center, located in Cienfuegos Central-Southern province, reported this institution will celebrate the 96th birth anniversary of the renowned worldwide artist Benny More, known as El Bárbaro del Ritmo (August 24, 1919-February 19, 1963). El Benny is considered one of the most important Cuban musicians. His wide reaching voice and innate capacity for musical composition placed him at a very high position on international stages where he sang.

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U.S. not prepared to give up in Latin America

venezuela maduro

The United States knows it has lost ground in Our America and wants it back at any cost, sparking a chain reaction to push progressive governments of the region out of power, those it considers “enemies” that should be overthrown by any means or through “soft, low intensity or violent coups,” it’s all the same.

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Wynton Marsalis is working on a CD about his concerts in Cuba


Jazz player Wynton Marsalis will launch an album that includes themes of his three live concerts at Mella Theater in October 2010, as reported to the NBC. Live in Cuba deals with the deep connections with American jazz and Afro-Cuban music “from bebop to bolero, and much beyond that”.

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The Sandino commitment

fidel y chavez

On August 21, in 2005, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez broadcast number 231 of his television program “Aló Presidente” with Fidel at his side, from the municipality of Sandino, in the Cuban province of Pinar del Río. It was an especially hot day in the Villa Bolívar neighborhood, where 150 dwellings had been erected for families left homeless by hurricanes; the hustle and bustle was unusual. Word traveled fast, yes, Chávez and Fidel were there, speaking to all of Venezuela over the air.

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Lang Lang and Chucho Valdés Will Perform Together in Cuba

c hucho valdess

Famous pianists Lang Lang, of China, and Cuban Chucho Valdés, will share an outdoor concert in this capital on October 9, confirmed recently one of the organizers of the event. The New York Times describes Lang as the best classic artist in the planet, while Time magazine included him among the most influential 100 people in the world.

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Cuban women on all fronts

mujkeres  homenaje

José Ramón Machado Ventura, Party Central Committee second secretary and a Council of Ministers vice president, presented the awards and emphasized that Cuban women “must be, and are, on all fronts in our country.”
The Distinction was granted by the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), on the occasion of its 55th anniversary, to deserving individuals based on their professional and social careers; their ethical, revolutionary values; their exemplary conduct in areas such as government, the judiciary, science, production, the arts, culture and sports.

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Raúl receives Cardinal Jaime Ortega

Raul y Jaime Ortega

During the cordial meeting, the two discussed the progress of preparations for His Holiness Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to Cuba and issues of mutual interest between the Cuban State and the Catholic Church.