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Non Aligned Movement Summit opens today in Venezuela


Opening today, September 13, in Isla de Margarita, Venezuela, is the 17th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), the second largest international organization in the world, composed of 120 member countries representing 2/3 of the United Nations’ membership.

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Brazil thanks Cuba for support


The Brazilian Workers’ Federation (CTB) thanked the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba for its strong rejection of the parliamentary-judicial coup staged to oust the country’s legitimate President Dilma Rousseff. The CTB sent a message of thanks to the Cuban government following its statement denouncing the impeachment of Rousseff, published in Granma and disseminated by workers and progressive and social movements from Brazil and other Latin American countries.

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The New York Times calls U.S. migratory policy toward Cuba irrational

policia NYT

“As it stands, this anachronistic policy is irrational, strains relations with America’s neighbors and endangers lives,” reads an August 31 article by the New York Times. The piece references the letter sent at the beginning of this week by nine Latin American governments to Secretary of State John Kerry, requesting the U.S. government “end its preferential immigration policy for Cubans, calling it “discriminatory” and a boon to human smuggling networks in the region.

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Chavista mobilization peacefully answers opposition offensive

Maduro oposisicion

With an impressive mobilization in the streets of this capital city, the revolutionary people of Venezuela confirmed their support to the Bolivarian government and rejection of violence, frustrating a coup offensive announced for September 1 by the opposition leadership.

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International students express their support for Cuba’s struggles

estudinates extranjeros solidaridad

Kenia Serrano Puig, president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), described the more than one hundred young people from some twenty Third World nations making up the 8th Student Solidarity with Cuba Brigade as enthusiastic and committed to the causes of the Cuban Revolution.

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Raúl bids farewell to President Evo Morales

Raul despide a Evo

On the morning of August 16, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, bid farewell to compañero Evo Morales Ayma, President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, at the José Martí International Airport. Morales had been visiting Cuba to participate in celebrations in honor of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz’s 90th birthday.

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World Social Forum 2016 honors Fidel on 90th birthday

forum fidel montreal

The event, dedicated to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, will be held at the WSF’s headquarters at the University of Quebec, in Montreal.
The WSF is the largest gathering of civil society to find solutions to the problems of our time. Launched in Brazil in 2001, every year the Forum brings together thousands of individuals from around the world, who participate in numerous activities.

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Moncada Attack: Lessons From the Birth of the Cuban Revolution

Fidel Raul y Ché

In 1953, when virtually all the progressive and revolutionary forces in Cuba offered no viable solution to oppose the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship, Fidel Castro and his comrades did indeed work out a path. It was a route characterized by game-changing statements inexorably coupled with exceptionally courageous deeds, out of which emerged the July 26 Movement.

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Cuba and Saudi Arabia sign important economic agreement

convenio Cuba Arabia Saudita

The first involves a Saudi loan to finance a project in the city of Cárdenas to rehabilitate the water supply and treatment system. The Development Fund will provide a long term advance of 120 million Saudi riyals (29.1 million USD) annually to construct a new main conduit and distribution networks to allow the distribution of potable water throughout the city located in the province of Matanzas.

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Indigenous and campesino protesters march against corruption

Codeca Guatemala

Representatives from both sectors explained that protests come in response to the national government’s failure to resolve important social issues. Hundreds of indigenous and campesino protesters will march through the main streets of the Guatemalan capital denouncing government corruption and the criminalization of social movements.