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The longest night…

Fidel boina

November 25, 10:29pm, the longest night. It’s a dark time for Cuba and the world. Fidel has died. They tried to kill him over 600 times, without success, because men like Fidel can’t be killed. They die when their time comes, trying to make a quiet exit. There’s silence even amid the deafening noise of the streets.

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The world bids farewell to a giant of world history

Fidel unidad Granma

From all corners of the planet, recognition of the life and work of one of the great leaders of the 20th century and thus far into the 21st – the guerilla in the Sierra Maestra and international statesman who changed forever the history of Latin America and the peoples of the world: Fidel Castro.

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Council of State declares period of national mourning

bandera a media hasta

Following the death of Comandante en Jefe of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba declares nine days of national mourning, to be observed from 6am on November 26, through 12pm December 4, 2016.

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Fidel, the Commander in Chief, the leader of the Cuban Revolution, has died in Havana


Fidel, the Commander in Chief, the leader of the Cuban Revolution, our Fidel, has died in Havana this Friday at 10:29 p.m. Cuba weeps for him, but also thanks to him for having 90 years, because with him the Island and the Revolution became a place on the map of this world. We will miss you, Commander, and we will always love you, as we will defend this Revolution that you raised with the poor of your land.

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Jean-Guy Allard: A Model for Progressive Journalists Working in the Capitalist System


Jean-Guy Allard, born in Shawinigan, Quebec, died in his beloved and adopted Havana on August 16 at the age of 68, following an illness.
I, like many of his other friends and colleagues from Quebec, visited him and his son on a number of occasions in his modest home in Havana. In fact, these were much more than just casual visits – they were a sort of secular pilgrimage. He was particularly proud of the framed piece on his wall containing one of Fidel Castro’s writings, in which the Cuban leader highlights Jean-Guy’s work. I hope that Jean-Guy was able to watch on television the activities organized in Cuba on the occasion of Fidel’s 90th birthday on August 13.

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José Martí honored

Jose marti homenaje

Floral wreaths on behalf of leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz and Army General Raúl Castro Ruz were placed in homage to José Martí at the mausoleum where his remains lie in the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, on the 121st anniversary of his death.

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Farewell to Sergio Vitier, a true, essential creator

Sergio Vitier

Sergio was the firstborn son to a couple which had already left an indelible mark on Cuban culture, writers Fina García Marruz and Cintio Vitier – the latter was also a violinist – and brother to José María Vitier, another essential name in Cuban music; while his uncle Felipe Dulzaides, jazz musician and vocal coach, represented an early paradigm for the young composer.

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Susana Lee López: a life dedicated to journalism

susana lee

She was one of the intrepid and committed young people who didn’t hesitate to sign up for the literacy campaign following the triumph of the Revolution. She worked as a journalist for over 50 years. She began in the profession without prior training, in May 1962, when she was still a high school student at the Institute of Secondary Education in Havana. Her first steps were taken in the paper Hoy, where she evolved as a dedicated reporter of youth and women’s issues.

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Farewell to one of the most faithful revolutionaries

funeral R

The Cuban people paid posthumous tribute this Tuesday, September 29, to devoted revolutionary Jorge Risquet Valdés-Saldaña. The Veterans’ Pantheon at the Colón Cemetery is Havana, saw a moving tribute by family, friends, compañeros and important leaders of the Party and government.

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Alina Rodríguez: Many spirits in a single soul

Alina Rodriguez

The death of extraordinary actress Alina Rodríguez came as a shock to Cuban artists and people alike, given the unexpected loss and power of her performances, firmly rooted in the culture of the island.
The strength of her character, Carmela, in the multi-award winning film Conducta by Ernesto Daranas, portrayed a teacher’s best qualities and expressed educators’ longing to maintain a balance of heart and prudence in their profession.