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Images of greatness

expo Rebelde Fidel

President Raúl Castro Ruz congratulates Juventud Rebelde on the occasion of its 50th anniversary and the opening of a photographic exhibit entitled A Rebel in Rebelde, featuring photos of Fidel taken by the newspaper’s staff.

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Cuba’s participation in Pan African music festival recognized

africa, cultura

The Republic of Congo, August 5, 2015. Cuba’s participation as guest country of honor in the 10th edition of the Pan African Music Festival (FESPAM) was the motive for the meeting held between Jean-Claude Gakosso, Congolese minister of Culture and Arts and Maydolis B. Sosa Hilton, Cuba’s acting ambassador in this country. Minister Gakosso expressed his profound gratitude to the Cuban diplomatic delegation in Brazzaville and the county’s Ministry of Culture for participating in the recently concluded Music Festival, which saw performances by the emblematic Aragón orchestra

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Ernesto Lecuona is Reborn in Cuba 120 Years After Birth


The Marti Theater of this capital looked its best in a homage by The Cuban National Ballet to master Ernesto Lecuona, who was reborn to his music and dance 120 years after his birth.

Through elegant and precise interpretations, the company recreated yesterday essential pieces of the repertoire of Lecuona, known as the most universal of Cuban musicians. The director of the Cuban National Ballet, Alicia Alonso, accompanied her dancers in a special performance that made inmortal to who she described as an extraordinary creator, defender of significant characteristics of our idiosyncracy.

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Alina Rodríguez: Many spirits in a single soul

Alina Rodriguez

The death of extraordinary actress Alina Rodríguez came as a shock to Cuban artists and people alike, given the unexpected loss and power of her performances, firmly rooted in the culture of the island.
The strength of her character, Carmela, in the multi-award winning film Conducta by Ernesto Daranas, portrayed a teacher’s best qualities and expressed educators’ longing to maintain a balance of heart and prudence in their profession.

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Book on Raúl Castro to be presented to National Assembly

Raul libro

The book Raúl Castro, un hombre en Revolución (Raúl Castro: A man in Revolution) by Nicolai S. Leonor, will be presented this morning during a special session of the National Assembly of People’s Power.
The book Raúl Castro, un hombre en Revolución (Raúl Castro: A man in Revolution) by Nicolai S. Leonor, will be presented this Tuesday at 9.00am during a special session of the National Assembly of People’s Power, with the participation of the deputies of this legislative body.

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Preparations to celebrate 62nd anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada Barracks and 500th anniversary of the founding of Santiago

mon cada

The emblematic site of the Moncada Barracks is preparing to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the heroic deeds lead by Fidel Castro on July 26, 1953, and the 500th anniversary of the founding of Santiago. Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, in the midst of the prevailing excitement surrounding the visit of the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, announced on July 23 last year in Céspedes Park, that both events would be celebrated this year at the same time as the assault of 1953.

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Significance of Remedios to Cuban culture highlighted

diaz canel remedios

The history of Cuba cannot be written without mentioning San Juan de los Remedios, a city that has made a significant contribution to Cuban culture, Eusebio Leal Spengler, Havana’s City Historian, stated during the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power to mark the 500th anniversary of the eighth villa founded by the Spaniards in Cuba, which was presided over by José Ramón Machado Ventura, second secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, and Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers.

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The new Irakere

chuchjo valdes

Chucho and Irakere were predestined to reach the peak of international success. The band was demonstrating the contributions of the new school of Cuban music that was beginning to bear fruit.

Then came that decisive year for Irakere, 1977, with the arrival of the Daphne cruise ship in Havana, bringing Dizzy Gillespie and a cohort of established jazz musicians: Stan Getz, Earl “Fatha” Hines, David Amram, Ray Mantilla, Anne Brackeen, Billy Hart, Rudy Rutherford, John Orr, Eddie Graham and the singers Marva Josie and Ry Cooder. The tour ended with a concert at the Mella theater.

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Biennial of Havana to Exhibit Works Dedicated to Alicia Alonso


The Cuban plastic artist Jesus Lara exhibited on 17 June at the XII Biennial of Havana a piece dedicated to Alicia Alonso, today announced the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC).
The piece entitled “Odas en azul prusiano” will be located in the Hall of Mirrors at the Museum of the Revolution in the “Irla” show, which describes the 25 years of Lara’s artistic life. “Irla” was opened on May 28 as part of the activities of the XII Biennial of Havana.

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Havana”s Historic District, Ideal Platform for Biennial


The Office of the Historian of Havana (OHCH), located in the capital”s historic district, is reaffirmed today as a perfect area for the activities of the current 12th Biennial of Havana. That space, located in the heart of Old Havana, has offered almost completely its facilities and galleries and even private homes that since May 22 are used as a special stage for the great event of visual arts. More than one dozen of collateral exhibitions are placed in the historic district, which, according to expert Liset Valderrama, demonstrate the adaptation and versatility of the institution’s spaces for those purposes.