Identity of Cuban Double Agent Recruited by CIA Revealed

p>Raúl Capote, the agent “Daniel” of Cuban State Security, revealed his identity in the chapter “The Invention of a Leader” of the series “The Reasons of Cuba”, today transmitted by national television.

For six years Capote, professor in the University of Pedagogical Sciences in Havana, recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States in 2006, served his country by fulfilling missions for the Cuban state security.

Capote was agent Daniel for the Cuban counterintelligence and Pablo for the CIA.

The CIA instructed him with collecting several types of information and with promoting, encouraging and inciting groups of right-wing intellectuals through different subversive projects, among them the creation of a literary agency and a virtual library.

According to the testimonial program, the seventh in this series of revelations, this ordinary Cuban, a writer and professor, was studied and contacted by diplomatic personnel of the United States Interests Section (USIS) in Havana.

Personnel from that office began to establish contacts with him beginning in 2004, using as an intermediary the counter-revolutionary Dagoberto Valdés.

The initial links, according to Capotes testimony, had much to do with invitations to cocktails, dinners and lunches.

That procedure, the documentary notes, has been used by the CIA as a way to study persons and establish links with officials who have diplomatic status in the USIS.

In a short time, Capote, who was also a leader in the Hermanos Saíz Association in the province of Cienfuegos, was able to establish relations with the majority of the American diplomats that passed through Havana.

But as the tasks became ever more complex, he received instructions not to make contacts through the Interests Section.

It was then that he began to be attended directly by two U.S. nationals living abroad: Rene Greenwald, a CIA officer who in the 1960s organized terrorist plans against the Cuban revolution and Marc Wachtenheim, a CIA collaborator.

Wachtenheim held, among other posts, that of director of the Cuban Development Initiative of the Pan American Foundation (PADF), based in Washington.

That organization issues the substantial funds made available by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to carry out its plans of subversion against Cuba.

It was Greenwald himself who recruited Capote in a visit he made to his Havana home, where he asked him directly whether he would agree to work for the United States. From that moment he was asked to sign his reports as “Pablo”.

In almost 40 minutes, the documentary sets out irrefutable facts concerning the priority that U.S. intelligence services accord to the invention of “social leaders” who would respond to the objectives of Washington.

Historically, the CIA has sought to recruit Cuban citizens on and off the island for its work of espionage and subversion.

The documentary emphasizes that as part of this policy, which has greatly intensified during the past few years, intellectuals have become a special target of the interests of the White House.

In the following two Mondays, Cubavision channel will show the last two testimonial programs of the most awaited “Reasons of Cuba” series.

(Cubaminrex – Prensa Latina)