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The Horrible Things That The Empire Offers Us

A piece of news released by AP, the most important US news agency, dated today in Monterrey, Mexico, explains it with irrefutable clarity. This is not the first, and certainly it won’t be the last, about a reality that puts paid to the mountain of lies with which the United States intends to justify the inhuman destiny it reserves for the peoples of our.

America.What does the news say?

“MONTERREY, Mexico (AP).- Forty-nine decapitated and mutilated corpses were found abandoned in a pool of blood in a highway connecting the Mexican metropolis of Monterrey to the US border in what seems to be the latest in an escalation war between drug cartels.

“The corpses of 43 men and 6 women were found at about 4 a.m. Sunday in the town of San Juan on a non-toll highway that leads to the border city of Reynosa. A white stone arch welcoming visitors was spray-painted with black letters: “100% Zeta.”

“At a news conference in Nuevo Leon state security spokesman Jorge Domene stated that along with the decomposing bodies, a ‘narcomanta’ had been found at the scene, in which authorship is attributed to the group “Los Zetas.”

“The victims could have been killed as long as two days ago, so authorities believe they were not murdered on the spot. ‘Identifying them will be a difficult task because all of them were beheaded and hacked off their hands and feet’, the official said.

“The state Attorney-General, Adrián de la Garza, said that no reports of local missing people had been received in recent days, so the victims could be persons from other Mexican states or even US-bound Central American immigrants.”

“Mexican drug cartels have been waging and ever bloodier war seeking to take control over trafficking routes as well as the local drugs market and extortion, whose victims include US-bound immigrants.”

“So far in May, 18 bodies were found in a tourist area near Guadalajara; 23 people were found decapitated or hung from a bridge in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, where violence among cartels has escalated. This year alone, cadavers have been found in the states of Veracruz, Guerrero, Morelos, Jalisco, Tamaulipas and Nuevo León.

“He stated that there were no clues indicating that the new wave of violence is linked to the presidential elections to take place this July. ‘It has the dynamic of a war between cartels’, he said.”

For its part, the Internet portal ‘BBC World’ reported as follows:

“The scene of decapitated and mutilated bodies in Nuevo León, where 49 bodies were dumped on the road this Sunday, shocked many for the extreme barbarity displayed by the killers. Even in Mexico, where after five years of intense war among drug cartels it seemed like they had seen it all.”

Not a few countries of Our America have been affected by these problems.

In our homeland, the problems described here do not exist: would this be the reason why the empire is trying to make it surrender by starvation and hostility? Half a century has not been enough, and I very much doubt that the empire can wait for another half a century before it sinks deep in its own mire, sooner than later.

Fidel Castro Ruz

May 14, 2012

4:36 p.m.

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  1. Curt Ventresca / USmedia

    Very good points and another angle of this issue is the way these heinous acts are portrayed by American news outlets. American mass media is incapable or unwilling to provide alternative perspectives, like perhaps debating the viability of the war on drugs or addressing the root of these problems at all. Americans are overwhelmingly given the impression that these acts(and most acts of violence in the world) are portrayed by nihilistic, godless killers. I am no defender of the drug cartels but their acts of violence are acts of war, to fight for control and to make a point that the Mexican government cannot fight their illegal drug trade with arms or with their failed war on drugs. People who become drug traffickers or join cartels or gangs do so out of necessity or out of a perceived opportunity for personal advancement which is so often denied them in other fields. Just as our media has dehumanized “terrorists”, it dehumanizes the perpetrators of these crimes. American news networks will not question these failed policies. They will only report the violence and give Americans the impression that the war is perpetrated by the “barbarians ” and cannot be solved by simple policy changes like perhaps demilitarizing the struggle against drug trade. Mr. Reagan, Mr. Bush, Mr. Clinton, Mr. Bush, Mr. Obama and Mr. Calderon can change the laws and declare war against drugs as many times as they like but they will never undo the law of supply and demand.


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