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Ministry of Foreign Relations Statement on Migratory Policy


These persons left Cuba in a legal manner to travel to various Latin American countries, meeting the requirements established by Cuban migratory regulations. In an attempt to reach United States territory, they have become victims of traffickers and criminal gangs which unscrupulously profit from their control of the passage of persons through South America, Central America and Mexico.

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Wahoo fishing tournament returns to Cuba

fishing wahoo

It’s no secret that the international Swordfish tournaments hosted annually at the Hemingway Marina enjoy worldwide recognition. However, after an almost 12 year absence and given continual demands by foreign and national captains and fishers, Cuba’s coasts are once again welcoming Wahoo fishing.

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Angola’s independence struggle commemorated in Cuba

acto aniversario angola

“From Angola we take with us a close friendship that unites us with this heroic nation, the gratitude of its people and the remains of the dear brothers killed in the line of duty,” Army General Raúl Castro stated back in 1976, summing up the contribution of the Cuban people in the definitive liberation of the African country.

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Cuba shares celebration with Angolan people

Salvador Mesa Angola

Salvador Valdés Mesa, a vice president of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers arrived yesterday, November 10, in Luanda, leading the country’s delegation to the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Angola’s independence.
Valdés Mesa was received at the airport by Agriculture Minister Pedro Canga and subsequently by the President of Angola’s National Assembly Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos.

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Hotel Iberostar Varadero expands options for winter season

Iberoestar Varadero

The Iberostar Varadero Hotel, located on the Hicacos Peninsula in the province of Matanzas, is offering tourists more attractions this winter season, with improvements which include expansion of the spa and new services for vacationing families. Among the new options is a “bar” specifically for children located near the water park which young visitors always enjoy, added to please clients of all ages, as is expected of a five-star hotel.

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FARC-EP suspends arms and munitions purchases

Dialogos de Paz Colombia

The guerilla commander explained on his Twitter account that he had issued the order to suspend the purchase of arms and munitions on September 30. He also made a call to reduce the intensity of the military conflict, which has caused the death of some 300,000 Colombians over the course of half a century.

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Marabana 2015: An unprecedented avalanche of participants


Previously, as is tradition, different generations of participants will attend the ceremony of the Yoruba religion asking Olofi and Orula to bless the race, before a flood of runners gathers before the Capitolio building. Thus begins each year the reputable Havana marathon, which this time is part of the activities for the Day of Physical Culture and Sport.

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The power of solidarity

juventud democratica

With 130 delegates from more than 60 organizations in attendance, the XIX General Assembly of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) opened in Havana’s Convention Center, yesterday November 9, and celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding.

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Cuban doctors have attended to 29 million Hondurans since 1998

medicos cubanos honduras

The Cuban medical brigade in Honduras has benefited more than 29 million Hondurans, mainly from rural areas, since arriving in the country in 1998 to help victims of Hurricane Mitch. The head of the Cuban team, Orlando Álvarez, told La Prensa that the doctors provide quality services to those most in need.

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Cruise ship tourism expanding in Cuba

Cruceros Cuba

This year saw Cuba receive almost 20,000 cruise ship visitors, while prospects for the Caribbean – which has become one of the most popular destinations for this variety of tourism – remain strong, noted a sector expert. According to researcher and professor at the University of Havana’s faculty of Tourism, José Luis Perelló, interest from large cruise companies in the region has grown in 2015.