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Venezuela is capable of solving its own problems, without interference

venezuela colombia  conflictoColombia-Venezuela-flags. In spite of manipulations and ill intended aggravations to burn it down, the border dispute between Venezuela and Colombia has demonstrated once again that the autochthonous integrationist organizations are the ones to solve the problems and eventual situations of conflicts in the Large Homeland.

The mediation of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) is called upon to help in the controversies generated between Caracas and Bogota is a clear example.

CELAC under the pro tempore leadership of Ecuador and UNASUR currently led by Uruguay were able to intercede and first manage to seat the foreign affairs ministers of Venezuela and Colombia to hold talks, last week in Quito.

The talks between the Venezuelan and Colombian presidents where intervene by Correa and his Uruguayan counterpart Tabaré Vázquez who supported the solution to a dispute between the two sister Latin
American nations.

The border conflicts in Our America, inherited from Spanish colonialism and later aggravated by the United States have been used by Washington to confront the peoples and government of our Large Homeland and, with this, prevent unity in the region that extends for the Bravo River to Patagonia.

The successive administrations of the White House have used the Organization of American States (OAS) based in Washington and in its death throes and other nations under its control to find the guilt ones; of course the nations it considers “adversaries” far from finding a negotiated solution to the conflicts.

Precisely the OAS tried recently in Washington to achieve unsuccessfully to blame Venezuela for the problems along it long and complex border with Colombia.
The plan “Made in the USA” was organized to attack another flank of the Bolivarian Revolution with its intent in Guyana, while delaying the peace negotiations for the Colombian people.

The United States couldn’t care less of a prolonged internal war in Colombia, one of the Latin American with most military bases as also Peru, but much definitely manage to overthrow the revolutionary process in Venezuela.

Washington is desperate as well as its buddies in Latin America and some governments to overthrow President Maduro, faithful follower of the integrationist ideals of Hugo Chávez and thereby frustrate the processes of change and unity in the region.

However, it does not realize that the unfavorable correlation of forces for its unfortunate nightmare to continue dominating its backyard, has decided to solve its difficulties without the interference of the Pentagon and its principal instrument of domination, its now defunct OAS.

Moral of the story: With CELAC, UNASUR and the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), neither the United States nor the OAS have any excuse to be invited neither in the conflicts or feasts of Our Large Homeland.

By Patricio Montesinos

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