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Fidel on Bin Laden, a review

p>Bush in Heavens (II)

March 22, 2008
5:19 p.m.

On Wednesday March 19th, as we commemorate five years of the stupid war unleashed in Iraq, Bush grabs hold of any Bin Laden declaration, either fictitious or real, even though in the case of the latter no date is supplied as to when it was made, nor are they able to assure us that it was his voice. They shall investigate it, so they promise.  Nobody ever took so much advantage of such materials to shape the opinions of the citizens of the United States and of many other countries in the world that have similar cultures and beliefs, in order to justify the brutal and genocidal wars that are so needed by imperialism.  He keeps on uttering and repeating, time after time, certain selected words and phrases.  The people and institutions referred to, without exception, find themselves obliged to respond, whether the declarations are true or not.  Just observe how, year after year, from day one, Bush keeps on milking the events of September 11th.

A call to the President of the United States

August 3, 2010
6:00 p.m.

…an AFP cable reports the unimaginable: Osama Bin Laden was an agent of the U.S. intelligence services: “… Osama Bin Laden appears in secret reports published by Wikileaks as an active agent, present and adulated by his men in the Afghan-Pakistani area.”
It was known that, during the Afghanis’ fight against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, Osama cooperated with the United States, but the world supposed that, in his fight against foreign invasion, he accepted the support of the United States and NATO as a necessity and that, once the country was liberated, he rejected foreign interference by creating the Al Qaeda organization to combat the United States. Many countries, Cuba among them, condemn his terrorist methods that do not exclude the death of countless innocent victims.
What a surprise for world public opinion now to discover that Al Qaeda was a creation of the government of that country.
That was the justification for the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and one of the motives, among others, for the subsequent invasion and occupation of Iraq by the military forces of the United States. Two countries in which thousands of young Americans have died and a large number of them have been mutilated. Between the two, more than 150,000 U.S. soldiers are committed for an indefinite period and together with them, members of units of the militaristic NATO organization, and other allies like Australia and South Korea.

The Empire from Inside, Part V

October 14, 2010
9:51 p.m.

Relations between the CIA and Bin Laden, the leader of the “Arab group”, were going on right up to the very day of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001.

What did the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI, inform the American CBS radio and TV broadcasting network? That on September 10, Osama Bin Laden was undergoing kidney dialysis treatment in the Rawalpindi Military Hospital in Pakistan, a place with close ties with the Pentagon…No attempt to detain the most well-known fugitive in the US was made, and so then it could be that Bin Laden would serve another better purpose.

That information was revealed in Dan Rather’s superb program on January 28, 2002, four and a half months after the terrorist attack that allowed Bush to justify his antiterrorist warfare.

Knowing this facilitates our comprehension of the reason why, in the dialogues with Obama in the White House, it is stated that the most difficult problem could come from Pakistan.